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My latest chapters

False Messiah-Book 1 of Seven Seals Redux: White HorseTerraform-Chapter 25 of FALSE MESSIAH-Book 1 of Seven Seals Redux: White Horse is now posted. My unedited work in progress (follow the story as it progresses).

Sarah hung up the phone and walked out of the meeting room. She yawned as she rolled a chair between Max and the professor. She sat down and placed her elbows on the long cluttered work surface, her tired head held up by one hand.

"What did they say?" Professor Dillon asked, turning to look at Sarah as he took his glasses off to rub his eyes.

Sarah filled the professor and Max in on her discussions with Jack, then said, "We should hear from them in the morning when they come up with a plan."

"I've got more bad news," Max said as he run his thumb and index finger down his mustache as if to smooth it out. "Based on emails that I've been getting from other stations, the Earth's ozone layer may be thinning. One report even said there could be less oxygen, not enough to effect our breathing but enough to let more radiation into the atmosphere. It could have something to do with the red sky and those sparkly particles."

"I thought the particles were spores," Sarah said, turning to look at Max who was staring at her. His eyes seemed three times bigger than normal behind the lenses of his glasses.

My latest nature sounds video (Open Window Videos)

"Walnuts in Rain (Nature Sounds) - Aug. 2011- Open Window Video" A walnut tree branch loaded with walnuts getting pelted with rain during an afternoon thunderstorm in Michigan. August 20, 2011. This video is part of playlist "Michigan summer 2011"

I call this video of nature sounds an "open window video" because it is meant to be played in the background as if you had a window open. Open Window Videos are videos of a scene that appear and sound as if you are looking out an open window into a landscape. They are best viewed on a flat screen TV on the wall or computer monitor. It is part of playlist "Michigan Summer 2011." Check out my Nature sounds web page.

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