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(April 19, 2014) I posted The plan-Chapter 26 of FALSE MESSIAH-Book 1 of Seven Seals Redux: White Horse. ~ Connie

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False Messiah-Book 1 of Seven Seals Redux: White HorseThe plan-Chapter 26 of FALSE MESSIAH-Book 1 of Seven Seals Redux: White Horse is now posted. My unedited work in progress (follow the story as it progresses).

Jack opened his eyes, for a moment he forgot where he was. When the fresh fragrance of lavender wafted into his nostrils, he smiled. He was waking up in Sarah's bed. Looking around the feminine room, past the sheers draped over the canopy of the bed, he wondered what she thought, planned, and wished. He rolled over and wondered what it would be like to have her there in bed beside him.

"Jack," Clare shouted through the bedroom door. "We need to head out soon."

Jack moaned. "Thanks for the gentle wakeup call."

"Your welcome," Clare said as she walked back down the hall.

After taking a somewhat cool shower in the upstairs bathroom, Jack went downstairs where Tony and Clare were dressed in camouflage and drinking coffee at the dining room table. He walked into the kitchen and returned with a steaming cup of coffee. "Do we have a plan yet?"

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"Walnuts in Rain (Nature Sounds) - Aug. 2011- Open Window Video" A walnut tree branch loaded with walnuts getting pelted with rain during an afternoon thunderstorm in Michigan. August 20, 2011. This video is part of playlist "Michigan summer 2011"

I call this video of nature sounds an "open window video" because it is meant to be played in the background as if you had a window open. Open Window Videos are videos of a scene that appear and sound as if you are looking out an open window into a landscape. They are best viewed on a flat screen TV on the wall or computer monitor. It is part of playlist "Michigan Summer 2011." Check out my Nature sounds web page.

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