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Dementia 13 (1963) – full movie

(horror) An old Irish family is haunted by dark secrets around the death of a little girl seven years earlier. Two women, one married into the family and one soon


Free Fiction Friday Features Black-Eyed Kids: A Creepy Short Story (Spooky Shorts #2)

Friday, May 14 free download FICTION / HORROR FICTION / OCCULT & SUPERNATURAL FICTION / THRILLERS / SUPERNATURAL Novelette: 52 pgs | Series: Spooky Shorts | Formats: eBook | Published:


Upcoming free books on Fridays

Here’s a list of upcoming free fiction on Fridays. Not only will they be free on this site, but I’ll “try” to make them free at other bookstores like Apple,

Connie’s featured books

Here are a couple of books you might be interested in.

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Jezebel: A Companion Short Story To The Novel Slenderman

FICTION / Horror / Thrillers / Supernatural / Suspense

Short Story: 27 pgs | Series: Pacie Rose Mysteries | Formats: eBook | Published: 2021

A Companion Short Story To The Novel Slenderman (will be included in the novel Slenderman)

An antique shop owner buys a nineteenth-century doll with a deadly history.

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White Horse (Seven Seals Redux, #1)

FICTION, Science Fiction, Alien Contact, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic

Novel: 252 pgs | Series: Seven Seals Redux | Formats: FREE eBook (except on Amazon), paperback $7.99/$11.99

Follow these ragtag survivors of an alien invasion as they attempt to save humanity from the Book of Revelation’s seven seals in this seven-book series.

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free fiction friday

Every Friday I will choose one story from the bookstore that can be downloaded for free.

This includes short stories to full novels.

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scary movie saturday

Every Saturday I will choose a scary movie that can be watched for free.

The movies will be in the public domain. Because of this, most will be older movies. But still fun to watch!

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