Suspense Stories #1: Raven's Ridge, Lucifer's Island, Sinister Attachments (Suspense Stories, #1)

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Bundle: 732 pgs | Series: Suspense Stories | Formats: eBook, paperback, hardcover | Published: 2017


Suspense Stories #1: Raven’s Ridge, Lucifer’s Island, Sinister Attachments

A haunted mansion. A castle infested with vampires. And ghosts who want you dead. These are a few of the things that make up these three suspense stories.

Raven’s Ridge: Mental illness can cause hallucinations; so how can you determine a delusion from the real thing? Rose Compton moved into her family’s old lumber baron mansion, looming near the edge of a Lake Michigan cliff. She loves her adult children and will do anything for them, except move out of Raven’s Ridge. Spooky and menacing events make her wonder if she is developing dementia like her deceased mother, or if a ghost is haunting the estate.

Lucifer’s Island: (Season 1): Troubled Nurse Ruby takes the job as a private duty nurse at Vrolok Manor House on Lucifer’s Island, hoping to find her missing brother. Soon she will be living in the mansion, within the outer walls of the defunct monastery, now known as Castle Moldovan. Rumors of satanic worship, vampires and the black-robed monks inside the inner ward, are not enough to keep Ruby from the detective work she has planned.

Sinister Attachments (Book 1): Sometimes, resentful spirits pursue souls until they get what they want—vengeance and sinful pleasures. After Maggie McGee’s husband had committed suicide in their home, Maggie needed a place to live that would not remind her of the recent tragedy. She finds an affordable apartment in an old building sitting on a bluff along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Maggie knew the building used to be a tuberculosis sanatorium, later transformed into a psychiatric hospital until finally closing its doors in 1969 due to patient abuse. However, what she did not know was that sometimes, sinister attachments from the past pursue souls until their evil needs are satisfied. Maggie questions her sanity and grasp of reality, as diabolic and envious predators work against her in this paranormal, psychological thriller.

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