Slenderman: Pacie Rose Mysteries


Slenderman: Pacie Rose Mysteries (open until July 15)

FICTION / Horror
FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Amateur Sleuth
FICTION / Thrillers / Supernatural
FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Novel: 216 pgs | Series: Pacie Rose Mysteries | Formats: eBook, paperback | Published: 2021

When children disappear and citizens are murdered in a Lake Michigan resort town, will a citizen reporter and her quirky sidekick cousin be able to stop what witnesses describe as a faceless, tall skinny man in a black suit before grief and death touch everyone in town?

Citizen reporter Pacie Rose is in her strawberry with her family when Irma, her offbeat sidekick cousin, calls and reports that there’s been a child abduction in town. They take on the self-appointed case of finding the culprit while murders and another missing child pile up. Armed with tools from the priest and local college professor, they are ready to confront the thing that witnesses describe as a tall man who wears a black suit and who appears to have no face.

The resort town of Black Water is inundated with so many weird events that Pacie Rose took up being the town’s citizen reporter. With her quirky cousin as the sidekick, they work to assist authorities in solving cases. Not bound by institutional rules, they can investigate using “not so legal” ways to get information.

The Potawatomi have told of strange occurrences in the area long before the construction of the nuclear power plant in the 1960s. However, ever since Bulwark became operational, aberrations have increased substantially. Missing people, cryptids, UFOs, the paranormal, and alternate dimensions are just a few of the mysterious encounters.

Follow Pacie as she works to rid Black Water of the terrifying phenomena.

BONUS: My Name Is Mr. Dibble and Jezebel companion short stories are included.

Reviews are due by July 15, 2021

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