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Three Sisters Odyssey Moving to Kindle Vella

I’ve had a lot of spam on my website (not since my new plugin) and my identity has been stolen (I caught it early and should be fixed soon). With so much stuff like that going on, I’m moving Three Sisters Odyssey to Kindle Vella so that they can keep track of it. I think it’ll be easier that way, plus it will get more exposure.

As soon as I have the link to the story, I’ll post it on my site.


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Lots of Spam Going Around

Picture of a can of spam.

My website has had a lot of spam lately, mostly lots of people signing up for an account. I know I’m not that popular LOL.

Anyway, I added a spam blocker called CleanTalk for $8/year. It validates registration, commenting, and contact forms without adding CAPTCHA, questions, puzzles, etc. It also checks my store checkout form.

It seems to be working, all those registrations are gone. So if you are having trouble registering or filling out any type of form, send an email to me at and I see what’s going on.


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Elevator in Johnny’s Building

Elevator in Johnny's Building

Pacie Rose Mysteries

Pacie’s boyfriend, Johnny, owns the building that his antique shop is in. The second floor is Irma’s apartment, and the third floor is his.

There is a vintage Otis elevator with a sliding scissor gate inside the old building. It is in poor condition and will come in handy in a future story.

This video show’s what I’m imagining it looks and behaves like.


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Pacie’s Lake Michigan Mansion

Mount Vernon Estate is a photograph by Ben Prepelka

Pacie Rose is the main character in my Pacie Rose Mysteries series. I wanted her to live in a mansion, but I needed one with a floor plan to make it easier to describe the place. So, the best site I found on the internet was George Washington’s, Mount Vernon. The website even has a virtual tour of the mansion.

Pacie’s mansion, however, has secret passages and rooms, along with an addition that adds a kitchen, bathroom, and garage.

I’ve put together a photo gallery of the rooms if you want to see what I see.


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A Brandon Sanderson Kickstarter

Brandon Sanderson with secret books.

If you’re a fan of the fantasy author, Brandon Sanderson, you might want to take part in his Kickstarter. During the first two years of the pandemic—on top of the mega books he normally rights—he wrote four novels in secret. He’s putting them on Kickstarter along with other things.

The video goes into detail.

Kickstarter: Surprise! Four Secret Novels by Brandon Sanderson by Dragonsteel Entertainment — Kickstarter


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I Have Finished Payment Processing, Shipping, and Labels

beach image

Wow, what a lot of work, but I think I have the hard parts done. The hardest things to do when setting up an online store is the payment processing, shipping, tax–-stuff like that. I’ve learned that debug mode is my friend.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Went back to WordPress on DreamHost
  • Using WooCommerce for the e-commerce
  • Using PayPal for the payments. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Pay Later, and Venmo.
  • Using Storefront, a WooCommerce theme

I have a few free WooCommerce plugins and one paid plugin, USPS Shipping Method. It says, “Get shipping rates from the USPS API which handles both domestic and international parcels.” The cost is $79/year. So far I think it’s worth it.

Added a free PayPal plugin, PayPal Shipping, so that I can print shipping labels from my PayPal dashboard. It says, “Get discounted shipping and manage all your shipments in one place with PayPal Shipping, powered by ShipStation.” It worked well when I tested it.

These have passed testing (but as things go, it could change)

  • Passed domestic and international shipping cost
  • Passed tax info
  • Passed digital download of e-books (by the way, I have to use a WordPress plugin, Allow ePUB and MOBI formats upload, to do it. It hasn’t been updated in years, but it works)
  • Passed print book shipping cost based on weight, shipping label, tracking info

As far as printing labels, the Click-N-Ship doesn’t offer the cheap media mail option.

I still have a lot to do, like checking on return labels and of course, finishing off the design of the website.

All for now.

~ Connie

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Back to WordPress

I’ve decided to go back to WordPress on Dreamhost. Shopify and BigCommerce had their good points like nice-looking themes, but they both needed configurations done, just like WordPress, for things like shipping and payment processing.

So I came back to WordPress because:

  • It’s cheaper
  • I know how to use it better than the others
  • And it’s basically the same amount of work

This time I:

  • Did a fresh install of only the basics
  • I deleted the only two plugins and now will install the minimal plugins that I need like Woocommerce
  • And I will not set the plugins to auto update. I want to update them one by one to make troubleshooting any problems easier

So here I am once again. But look at all the experience I’m gaining 🙂

By the way, I’m still working on Hornet.

~ Connie