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Elevator in Johnny’s Building

Elevator in Johnny's Building

Pacie Rose Mysteries

Pacie’s boyfriend, Johnny, owns the building that his antique shop is in. The second floor is Irma’s apartment, and the third floor is his.

There is a vintage Otis elevator with a sliding scissor gate inside the old building. It is in poor condition and will come in handy in a future story.

This video show’s what I’m imagining it looks and behaves like.


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Pacie’s Lake Michigan Mansion

Mount Vernon Estate is a photograph by Ben Prepelka

Pacie Rose is the main character in my Pacie Rose Mysteries series. I wanted her to live in a mansion, but I needed one with a floor plan to make it easier to describe the place. So, the best site I found on the internet was George Washington’s, Mount Vernon. The website even has a virtual tour of the mansion.

Pacie’s mansion, however, has secret passages and rooms, along with an addition that adds a kitchen, bathroom, and garage.

I’ve put together a photo gallery of the rooms if you want to see what I see.