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Wolf (Chap 1, Para 1)

Jogger in Park

I’m having fun creating images with Midjourney. I made this one of a jogger to go with the first paragraph of Chapter 1.

The heat of the August sun waned when Kristin Musgrave stepped outside her home, across from Sugar Sand Park. Before tucking the cellphone into the pocket of her armband, she turned on a podcast and checked the earbuds stuffed into her ears. The sun was on a downward slide toward the horizon as she began her late afternoon jog that Friday.

Wolf: Pacie Rose Mysteries, #3. Chapter 1, paragraph 1. Wet Dog.

This book is still being written.
~ Connie

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I Want a Longbow

Crecy Village Sign of Longbowman

I’m giving the main character in my Pacie Rose Mysteries a new hobby, shooting a longbow. It’s a tall bow used thousands of years ago. One was found in Wales that dates back to 2700 BC. After doing research, I find myself extremely interested in having a longbow myself.

I would use it to target shoot for fun, but it also makes for a deadly weapon. It’s not that I need a weapon, but when the zombie apocalypse strikes, it just might come in handy! <grin> I also like how it’s quiet, compared to a gun.

Here’s an interesting video about how to make your own longbow.

That’s all for now,
~ Connie