Chap. 31—Lucifer’s Island: A Gothic Horror Soap Opera (Season 1)

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Lucifer’s Island: A Gothic Horror Soap Opera (Season 1)“The Watcher did well,” Ulrich Lestat said, mixing a cauldron filled with a steaming brew, hung from a rod and hook, over a small fire in the stone oven. “The flesh and hair taken from the witch are enough to make a potent potion. The seer thinks she can fight against us, but she is no match for me. Soon she will be rendered useless.”

Draven smiled. “I have no doubt. Your abilities have always been far superior to any conjurer of old, including Merlin.”

“The seer’s main ambition is to protect the huntress, but I doubt she even knows the extent of her foolishness. She may sense the gravity of her actions, but The Master had made sure that ignorance clouds the minds of mortals.”

Draven brushed a piece of sticky spider web from his purple velvet sleeve and bent closer to the pot of boiling goo as Ulrich carefully stirred its contents. “Count Moldovan’s ship is underway and he should be here soon.”

With his hunched body bent toward the fire, Ulrich turned his head and looked up at Draven’s anemic face. The light from the flames made Ulrich’s large warts cast small shadows on his jaundiced skin. “That is good to hear. Things should be in place when he arrives.”

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