Chap. 44—Lucifer’s Island: A Gothic Horror Soap Opera (Season 1)

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Shackles and Chains

Lucifer’s Island: A Gothic Horror Soap Opera (Season 1)Patty woke up with aching wrists and to the miserable sound of someone moaning in pain. She opened her eyes and was immediately disoriented by the room with iron bars, her inability to move her arms, and the sight of two young women shackled to an ancient stone wall.

She winced as she tried to sit on the floor but the chains were not long enough to allow it, so she straightened her sore legs to a standing position, taking the pressure off her numb hands. Her shoulders and neck throbbed as she turned her head to look at the collapsed young woman with her head dropped forward expelling sobs of suffering as though close to death. Then she looked to the other woman on the opposite side of her. “Where am I. What’s going on?”

“We’re in the castle,” the pretty woman said. Her wavy locks clung to the side of her weary face.

Patty looked away from her and up at the chains secured in the rocks. She tried breaking free from the shackles but all they did was rattle.

“It won’t do any good. I’ve already tried.”

“Who did this to us?” Patty said.

The young lady looked down at the dirty floor and then back at Patty. “The vampires did it.”

“Vampires? So they really are real?”

“They’re real alright.”

“Why would vampires keep us as prisoners?”

“That girl over there,” the lady said, giving a nod to the woman hanging like a rag doll. “They’ve fed on her a couple times.”

“Fed on her?”

“Yeah, I think that’s why we’re here,” she said. “Based on what I’ve heard them say, it sounds like someone important is coming to the castle and we’re its . . . dinner.”

A dream, it had to be a dream. But the pain was real, the pitiful-looking woman was real, and the fact she could not escape was real. “That’s fricking crazy. Have they fed on you?”

“No, but like I said, they’re saving me, and you, for their so-called special guest.”

Patty kept tugging on the cuffs. “Why are you so calm?”

“I’m not calm, rage is burning inside me. I want to kill the bastards, but there’s nothing I can do. Believe me, I’ve tried.”

Patty began screaming. “Help me! Help me! Get me out of here.”

“Quiet, stop yelling or you’ll make them come down here. I don’t want to see them.”

Patty began to hyperventilate. “I’m claustrophobic and I can’t take this.”

The clank and creak of a metal door opening echoed down through the dungeon.

The woman whispered with fear, “They’re coming.”

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