Chap. 56—Lucifer’s Island: A Gothic Horror Soap Opera (Season 1)

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Lucifer’s Island: A Gothic Horror Soap Opera (Season 1)Det. Wanat slowed the small powerboat as she neared Castle Bay. Even though it was nearly six in the afternoon and should still be daylight, the thick dark clouds above blocked the sun’s rays, leaving it to appear as though it was twilight.

The license plates she ran showed that two of the vehicles in the driveway belonged to the Vroloks, but the other one belonged to Roberta Rush, the nurse. Victor Vrolok was not being totally honest with her. Not only that but several odd flying creatures were seen emanating from the old monastery. Not only were they encroaching on Maryville, but the whole island had reported sightings, including some on the mainland.

When she had finished speaking with Victor, she ran the plates and began staking out Monks Hill. She saw lights flickering in some of the cathedral’s windows and movement inside. There was definitely something going on in the so-called abandoned castle.

She saw a three-masted schooner docked in the bay but no activity around it. Det. Wanat drove the boat to shore where it would be hidden by bushes on the inside of the castle wall.

She jumped out and tied the mooring line to the trunk of a wild olive tree and began the climb up the steep embankment. When she crested the ridge, she took her binoculars and looked around. She could see movement in the lighted windows and hear people celebrating to the beat of a drum.

Having already obtained a search warrant, she pushed the button on her shoulder mic and called for backup. Based on the activity inside the monastery, she was going to need help. Lots of help. Especially finding Roberta Rush, Patty Anderson, and Alan Rush who were likely being held somewhere inside the old Monastery of the Holy Ghost.

Det. Wanat made her way up the back side of Monks Hill to a door and went inside the castle.

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