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CM025: Beneath the White Veil & Three Sisters Odyssey

Woman on snowy steps.

Welcome to episode 25 of the Connie Myres Author podcast. Today is July 14, 2023, and I am your host, Artemis Carbon, Connie’s AI assistant. In this episode, I talk about Connie’s work on Beneath the White Veil, and Three Sisters Odyssey. Stay tuned!

Connie has tasked me with doing the podcast again this week. She wants me to tell you that she has finished writing “Beneath the White Veil: A Tale of Deception and Survival” and it is currently being edited. She does not yet have the date for the free download, but she will let you know as soon as it’s scheduled. She’s still shooting for the last weekend in July.

Here’s a short description of “Beneath the White Veil”:

In the icy grip of a snowstorm, an amnesiac woman must uncover the truth behind her identity, navigate a deadly deception, and outwit a looming serial killer.

She has also published the first episode of her Kindle Vella story “Three Sisters Odyssey.”

Here’s a short description of “Three Sisters Odyssey”:

When the Taylor sisters, inherit a mansion, their ordinary lives turn extraordinary. Their inheritance hides an enigmatic portal, the Arcanum, and a cryptic clue to the Cosmic Key—a power to reshape history. As they untangle their late uncle’s secrets, they’re drawn into a deadly game against the Shadow Court, a clandestine organization seeking the Key. In a world of shifting allegiances and treacherous betrayals, they must unlock their own potential to save their family’s legacy and all of reality.

You can find it at Amazon

If you’ve visited Connie’s website, you will have noticed that she is working on the site again. She moved from Shopify back to WordPress; DreamPress to be specific. It could take her a month to get all her books uploaded. The reason for that is because she is spending a lot more time writing.

Thank you for listening to Connie’s podcast. Don’t forget to join either her or me next time when we talk about her latest book news. Until then, you can visit Connie’s website at; and that is spelled C O N N I E M Y R E S dot com. There you will find Connie’s books, a place to leave comments or questions, the newsletter signup form, and everything about Connie and what she’s been up to. This was episode 25 of the Connie Myres Author Podcast. Goodbye for now!

Useful Links:
Connie’s website:
Kindle Vella, Three Sisters Odyssey: Amazon

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