Solus: Starship Nightmare


Nurse Beth Cameron wakes up from stasis and finds she is the only crew member onboard the USFS Grace, a small hospital starship. A novelette.

As Beth’s amnesia fades, she realizes something is terribly wrong; the rest of the crew should be on board the USFS Grace with her, but they are not. The Simulated Intelligence Servicer known as SIS has missing data and communication to the outside universe has been corrupted. SIS is unable to obtain information that could shed light on what happened prior to Beth coming out of hypersleep.

Brought out of stasis early—six months into an eight-and-a-half-year mission to deliver the Flarion vaccine to the colonists who will be settling on Kripp, Beth must find answers to the strange events happening onboard the ship.

Alone, confused, and homesick, Beth battles an unseen foe and makes bad choices because of it.


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Solus: Starship Nightmare


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Fiction / Science Fiction


Ebook: $1.99

Paperback: $8.99

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Pages: 76

Published: 2017

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