About Connie

CONNIE MYRES writes books and short stories in the horror, mystery, suspense, and science fiction genres. Her favorite authors are Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and others. She is an author, developer, and registered nurse. Sometime in the future—whether by choice or by arm-twisting—Connie will join the digital nomad movement.

Born and raised in Michigan, she has been creating stories since childhood. Children she had babysat as a teenager loved to hear her mystery stories, especially since she carefully included all the children listening into the storyline, causing suspense for everyone.

About Feather and Fermion Publishing

Founded in 2014, Feather and Fermion Publishing proudly publishes horror, mystery, suspense, thriller, science fiction and fantasy stories. Our imprints—Oort Cloud Books and White-Knuckle Books—publish original fiction with the mission to entertain readers.

Feather and Fermion Publishing is owned by author Connie Myres.


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