Creature: A Creepy Short Story (Spooky Shorts #3)


You will never drive alone in the dark again.

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FICTION / Horror

Short Story: 38 pgs | Series: Spooky Shorts | Formats: eBook | Published: 2015

Would you drive a junk car down an isolated road in the middle of the night? What if you had no choice because you had little gas, and it was the shortest way home? Find out what Lucy decides to do and the consequences of her choices in this creepy short story.

Read this spooky story if you want to stay awake all night.

The “C” Story in the Spooky Shorts collection of creepy short stories, A-Z.

Apple Pie, Black-Eyed Kids, Creature, Dungeon, Electric, Fairy, Genie, House, Ice, Joker, Kiss, Lucid, Minion, Neighbor, Obelisk, Pattern, Quest, Rumor, Squatch, Time, Underworld, Visitor, Wolf, X-axis, Yellow, and ZoZo.


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