Read Free—Red Horse (Seven Seals Redux, #2)

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Continue to follow this ragged bunch of misfits as they fight through the civil unrest and persecution of the second seal.

(Book 2) Ragtag survivors of the first seal (White Horse) successfully rid Earth of the aliens. Staying clear of nuclear power plant meltdowns seemed to be the worst thing they would have to deal with, aside from an occasional zombie. That was, until the second seal (Red Horse) was opened and civil unrest began. Zombie cocoons hatched into mutants, children became gunmen, and animals turned violent, even one of their own people began changing into a zombie. When they finally reached the prepper compound where they thought they would find safety, they found something unexpected, instead.

A suspenseful and frightening journey of persecution, offset with optimism and hope, keeps this ragged bunch of misfits together as they fight through the seven seals of the Book of Revelation.

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