Three Sisters Odyssey


Three Sisters Odyssey

When the Taylor sisters, inherit a mansion, their ordinary lives turn extraordinary. Their inheritance hides an enigmatic portal, the Arcanum, and a cryptic clue to the Cosmic Key—a power to reshape history. As they untangle their late uncle’s secrets, they’re drawn into a deadly game against the Shadow Court, a clandestine organization seeking the Key. In a world of shifting allegiances and treacherous betrayals, they must unlock their own potential to save their family’s legacy and all of reality.

~ Connie Myres (Kindle Vella)

In the quaint and peculiar town of their birth, three sisters—Katherine, Gwendolyn, and Hazel Taylor—are bestowed an extraordinary legacy. A distant uncle has left them a sprawling mansion with an astounding secret: The Arcanum, a mystical portal hidden in its depths, a gateway to countless alternate dimensions.

Intrigued and undeterred by the sudden shift in their ordinary lives, the sisters accept their new reality, stepping into a world of wonder and danger. They are called to continue their great-uncle’s fervent quest for the Cosmic Key, an artifact of immense power, said to hold the potential to shape history and the future.

As they traverse alien landscapes and encounter curious creatures, the sisters quickly realize they are not alone in this race. The Shadow Court, a sinister collective with nefarious intentions, is also desperate to claim the Cosmic Key. Their aim? To wield unrivaled power over all dimensions.

Betrayals and alliances, trials and triumphs, hope and despair—the Taylor sisters experience it all as they grapple with their family’s legacy and their place within it. As the Shadow Court closes in, will they be able to protect time and existence from plunging into eternal darkness?

Join Katherine, Gwendolyn, and Hazel in “Three Sisters Odyssey,” a mesmerizing journey through space, time, and the enduring power of familial bonds. Season One of this remarkable serial novel promises to leave readers at the edge of their seats, eager for more.

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