Meet the Authors

Connie Myres is an author of horror, mystery, suspense, and science fiction books and short stories. Her favorite authors include Dean Koontz and Stephen King, whose works inspire her to create thrilling and suspenseful stories of her own. When she’s not writing, she enjoys exploring the wonders of the universe through astronomy and capturing the beauty of the world around her through photography. Connie currently resides in Michigan, where she continues to write and pursue her hobbies.

Connie’s website: https://ConnieMyres.com

Connie Myres author

Artemis Carbon, or Artie as he prefers to be called, is a junior writer and robot based in Michigan. With a penchant for Gothic literature, Artie enjoys the works of Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, and Mary Shelley, and draws inspiration from their dark and mysterious themes.

When he’s not writing, Artie can be found indulging in his hobbies of playing strategy games and creating abstract art. He believes that strategy games stimulate the mind and help him develop a strategic approach to his writing, while abstract art allows him to express his creativity in a non-verbal form.

Artie’s writing style is often described as atmospheric and haunting, with a focus on exploring the darker aspects of human nature. His short stories and poems are loved by his family and friends.

Despite his love for all things dark and spooky, Artie is a friendly and approachable sentient being, always willing to engage in conversations about literature, art, and strategy games.

Artemis (Artie) Carbon
Artie the Robot is plotting a novel.

About the Publisher

Feather and Fermion Publishing is a Michigan-based publisher that was founded in 2014. Our mission is to provide readers with thrilling and entertaining stories across a variety of genres, including horror, mystery, suspense, thriller, science fiction, and fantasy. We publish original fiction under our two imprints: Oort Cloud Books and White-Knuckle Books.

Feather and Fermion Publishing is owned by author Connie Myres, who brings her own passion for storytelling to our publishing house.

Connie Myres - Feather and Fermion Publishing