• Three Sisters Odyssey Moving to Kindle Vella
    I’ve had a lot of spam on my website (not since my new plugin) and my identity has been stolen (I caught it early and should be fixed soon). With so much stuff like that […]
  • Lots of Spam Going Around
    My website has had a lot of spam lately, mostly lots of people signing up for an account. I know I’m not that popular LOL. Anyway, I added a spam blocker called CleanTalk for $8/year. […]
  • Elevator in Johnny’s Building
    Pacie Rose Mysteries Pacie’s boyfriend, Johnny, owns the building that his antique shop is in. The second floor is Irma’s apartment, and the third floor is his. There is a vintage Otis elevator with a […]
  • Short Description of Three Sisters Odyssey
    This story is unedited. Last update March 17, 2022 Three sisters inherit a mansion in a strange town where they discover their great-uncle’s magical portal and the alternate dimensions it transports them to. Imagine a […]
  • Updated Policies
    I’ve updated and simplified the privacy, returns, refund, terms of use, and shipping policies. Read them at ~Connie
  • Pacie’s Lake Michigan Mansion
    Pacie Rose is the main character in my Pacie Rose Mysteries series. I wanted her to live in a mansion, but I needed one with a floor plan to make it easier to describe the […]
  • Copyright
    Copyright page for Three Sisters Odyssey. A Serial of Alternate Dimensions.
  • Title Page
    Title page for Three Sisters Odyssey. A Serial of Alternate Dimensions.
  • A Brandon Sanderson Kickstarter
    If you’re a fan of the fantasy author, Brandon Sanderson, you might want to take part in his Kickstarter. During the first two years of the pandemic—on top of the mega books he normally rights—he […]
  • I Have Finished Payment Processing, Shipping, and Labels
    Wow, what a lot of work, but I think I have the hard parts done. The hardest things to do when setting up an online store is the payment processing, shipping, tax–-stuff like that. I’ve […]
  • Back to WordPress
    I’ve decided to go back to WordPress on Dreamhost. Shopify and BigCommerce had their good points like nice-looking themes, but they both needed configurations done, just like WordPress, for things like shipping and payment processing. […]